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Philadelphia Public Schools...From the beginning


Public Schools has a long and respected history.  The first school in Philadelphia was established in 1870 in a log cabin located at the site of Pecan Avenue and Columbus Road.  The schools moved to the present site of Philadelphia High School in 1905.  The present Philadelphia High School was built in 1938 and served as an elementary and high school with the elementary classes located in the south section of the building and the high school classes located in the north section. In 1958 fire destroyed the high school section. For two years students met in various buildings while that section was rebuilt and a separate elementary school was built at its present location. The first PTA was organized in 1907. Philadelphia Schools have long supported the arts and extracurricular activities. Music was first offered to students in 1906 and the first band was organized in 1933. The first yearbook was published in 1927 and the first school newspaper was published in 1933. Jeff Davis Harpole organized the first football team in 1906. The present field was first used in 1920 and the concrete stadium was built in 1952 by public donation. It was named Harpole stadium in honor of the first coach. 

In 2006, the Philadelphia Public School District completed building renovation projects at the elementary and high schools, and technology upgrades at all three schools. All three schools, including central office, have surveillance cameras in place to monitor the safety and security of students and staff at all times. The district uses AIM as a message system to notify parents via telephone of daily student absences, school announcements, and emergencies. Funding from various grants has been utilized over the past few years to enhance American History instruction, physical education instruction, and to upgrade equipment and technology in all of the district's classrooms. Over the course of 2010 to 2012 the district has had ENO boards installed in almost every classroom district wide. The ENO boards are interactive white boards that teachers use to interactively teach the students in the classroom. 

The Philadelphia Public School District has a total enrollment of approximately 1200 students. The district consists of three schools. The elementary school serves students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through the sixth grade; the middle school serves students in grades seven and eight; the high school consists of grades nine through twelve. All three schools are accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the Mississippi Department of Education. 

Philadelphia Elementary School is located at 406 Stribling Street. Christie Rowcliff serves as principal and Travis Creel serves as assistant principal. The school is considered to be safe and secure by students and staff. Features of the school include art, music, band, enrichment, state-of-the-art library-media center; wireless technology environment with wireless labs. 

Philadelphia Middle School is located at 248 Byrd Avenue. Stacie Collins serves as the principal. Features of the school include two state-of-the-art science labs; band and athletics; and wireless technology environment with wireless labs.

Philadelphia High School is located at 248 Byrd Avenue. Jason Gentry serves as principal and Johnny Daves serves as the assistant principal and athletic director. Features of the school include Advanced Placement program, accelerated courses, wireless technology environment with wireless labs, and a co-curricular and extra-curricular program that includes art, athletics, band, and various clubs. In 2011 the Philadelphia High School Football Team advanced in to the third round of state play-offs with an undefeated record. In 2012 the Philadelphia High School Soccer Team advanced to the State Championship game where they were named State Runner's Up. 

The Philadelphia Public School District has a rich history and tradition in excellence. That history and tradition has continued over decades and will continue well into the future. We are the MIGHTY TORNADOES!

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